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Staff Corner

  • Fun spring outing Interpretation of mountain tour

    In the bloomy spring season, all things recovery, everywhere is full of vitality and vigor of youth. To enrich employees amateur life, improve the enterprise culture construction and motivate the staff, enhance the friendship between colleagues, enhance employees' sense of belonging and cohesion of the enterprise, so as to promote the communication between employees and create a strenuous enterprising, positive...
  • Company to carry out the said product westward journey team video training activities

    On July 29 in the afternoon, the company all staff to watch the curriculum of said product westward journey team training activities, this training aims to improve the staff's team spirit, improve the staff's accomplishment and overall quality, the company each department staff actively took part in the training. With the rapid development of society, the pressure of competition increases gradually, per...
  • Cosco has his

    He is on stage, "comedian", even "elite" in the work. He is the wang chaton production. The company party, everyone had seen his sketch, humorous role left a very deep impression for everybody. On the job, however, he is also outstanding. He treats meticulous work,...