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Company News

  • Our company was awarded "enterprise culture construction advanced unit" honorary title

    Recently, my company is the enterprise culture construction summit organizing committee awarded the "enterprise culture construction advanced unit" honorary title. My company with excellent enterprise culture core idea, perfect the system of enterprise culture construction, high culture identity and productive practice, the enterprise culture by the organizing committee of the honor to receive this honor...
  • My company to participate in provincial colleges and universities campus recruitment activities

    On November 8, my company in 2015 the first large-scale recruitment activities. Invited to our company to apply for twenty people, mostly college graduates in 2016, and in the majority with college degree or above in interview personnel. Shandong university of science and technology, binzhou college students of colleges and universities have notice to my company and later...
  • Congratulations to my company's success with the city's first "patent pledge loan interest discount funds".

    Binzhou city center has shandong binzhou city finance bureau, the people's bank of China branch, binzhou and binzhou city branch bureau introduced intellectual property office of the joint "binzhou city patent pledge loan management interim measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "method"), specifying terms of binzhou city enterprises within the jurisdiction of the patent pledge to obtain loans,...
  • I companies to participate in urban civilization traffic allure volunteer service activities

    Since December 8, binzhou city to create civilized city, binzhou government organization to carry out "to make our city more civilized city" civilized traffic allure volunteer service activities. My company as the municipal civilized unit, actively organize youth volunteers to the Yellow River five bohai 24 road traffic light intersection traffic safety...
  • Health supervision bureau leadership a line to visit my company inspection guidance

    On January 5, health department of shandong province, binzhou city health supervision bureau inspection group a line to my company inspection guidance wading product health work, accompanied by Zhou Jinyong deputy general manager and other leaders. First of all, by the deputy general manager Zhou Jinyong this paper briefly introduces the recent wading health products, he said: "I earnestly implement various...
  • Binzhou economic development zone safety bureau inspection group a line to visit my company to check on the work

    Recently, binzhou economic development zone safety bureau inspection group a line to my company inspection guide work, accompanied by company safety leading group members, this check is aimed at company dealing with production safety emergency plan practice situation and the existing problems such as safety inspection guidance. Team a line production workshop, finished product to the company...