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     Shandong Yuanyang Plastic Industrial Co., uphold the "customer is always God," a principle of service, and pursuing a "rapid response, quality service, and timely delivery technology," the service concept, efficient work and good business ethics and sincerely treat every offshore customers. In order to better serve customers, the company's good pre-sales, after-sales service, the company set up a special engineering and technical services, the customer is responsible for engineering and technical services to work in the pre-customer service and after-sales customer service we guarantee to do: "radical users, like to think of the users, to provide customers with quality products, service stars." Specific measures are as follows:

(A) pre-market products

      Assigned professional engineers involved in the design or engineering to the construction site for the customer a reasonable construction of the installation program to provide sufficient information for the design of relevant technical department or customer, and provide relevant product design references.

(Ii) the sale of products

       In the process of using our products, if any technical problems or because of non-human quality problems affect the use, customers can first call our 24-hour hotline (Tel: 0543-2292099 or 0543-2292090), on the engineering and technical product issues engineers consulting services. We will in the shortest possible time to customer queries give a satisfactory answer or provide a reasonable use of the program. By not effectively answer the phone, we ensure 24-hour rushed to the scene to help you out.

(C) product sale

(1) cycle product service commitment and fault response

       Our product quality guarantee period of one year. In the product quality guarantee period for any defects due to Division I in the production or transportation caused, and we are responsible for free replacement, repair, provide free technical guidance, free spare parts, and compensate all the resulting loss. After the product quality guarantee period, our commitment to provide for the owners is not higher than the bid price of spare parts, and free responsible for the installation of spare parts, replacement, operation test, free technical support, excluding any transport premium. If there are special engineering problems, I may send professionals ready to assist the investigation and analysis, with your side ready construction, according to engineering drawings and project specific conditions, to take appropriate measures to assist in specific construction services program, so that the project was successfully completed. Owners to use to deliver quality products bear the warranty responsibility during the warranty period.

(2) failure response

1. The establishment of emergency repair mechanism, the company set up a training and excellent technical level, the operation of skilled repair team as a reserve field service organization, opened 24-hour service Tel: 0543-2292090, a receipt of the owner or on-site service telephone staff, we guarantee to the scene within 24 hours of on-site repair work.

2. Since the establishment of our service agencies in the location of the project, we promise comes within 24 hours after receiving the notice the owners repair tools and spare parts arrived at the fault site, responsible for the repair of the pipeline back to work, and to assist in the aftermath of the owners make work, and strive to reduce the impact of failures and losses to a minimum.

Promises: Once our bid, will send a group of excellent technicians, engineers on-site guidance and pipeline installation training your side.

Our 24-hour service hotline: 0543-2292099 0543-2292090